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Color Switch

Color switch is an electronic game for Android devices, which was newly released on 24/2/2016 but has attracted a large number of users around the world. To date with more than 50 million installs, it showed the influence and addictive nature of the game to the user community.

color switch

Graphic design

Color Switch is designed with 2D graphics under the style of flat graphics, with a colorful interface which looks very eye-catching and attractive. The images in the game are constantly transformed from circle, star shape, square, triangle, diamond … which always create a pleasurable feeling, not causing boredom to players. With the black background combined with colorful objects, this color combination helps players not to experience eye skew, eyestrain when playing the game for a long period.

color switch

How to play the game Color Switch

The mission of the player is to move the ball through the obstacles, but when moving the player has to let the ball move through parts of obstacles with the same color with it. At the start of play the moving speed is slow, the player absolutely can pass easily, later the speed is gradually increased which requires the dexterity, agility and high concentration of the player. The faster the moving speed is, the higher your score will be, but the risk is very large, having to return to play from the beginning is inevitable.

Color Switch also designs for players the selection of different game modes, players can have the option and avoid the boredom when playing a game over and over without any innovation. There are many game modes such as Challenges, races, reverse, split, color swap, gravity, color fly and cave.

color switch


With the simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, color switch is chosen by many people around the world as an entertainment after stressful hours of work. Although the gameplay is simple but controlling the ball to pass the obstacles to get high scores is not simple, the game also highly challenges the perseverance of players. Download color switch now and experience you will find it very attractive and interesting.